Friday 26 May, 2017

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MFPC Organisational Structure
Since establishment, MFPC had undergone some organisational changes to be an effective, lean organisation. As at February 2007, MFPC had been restructured to comprise (2) main Divisions as below:

a) Operations Division
b) Finance & Administration Division

The total workforce of MFPC was 12 persons.


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The FAD Division provides general administrative and support functions to all departments in the Council. Holding the key to the conducive working environment that ensures smooth running of the MFPC's day-to-day operations, its responsibilities include maintaining all official records and coordinates with other service providers for office facilities and service contract administration; property management; fleet and records management; printing; mail distribution as well as supply management.
It is also a provider of accounting, budgeting and purchasing for the MFPC. This Division assists the collection and expenditure of funds by establishing and maintaining an accounting system and developing policies and procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1965 and the applicable accounting standards in Malaysia.
This Division also oversees cash management including analysing and evaluating cash flow, budgets appropriate expenditures for each fiscal year to incorporate the goals and objectives set by the Board of Trustees and coordinates the annual audit of the MFPC's financial records.
The Operations Division comprises Market Promotion and Development Unit, Design Unit, Information Services Unit and Policy Work Unit. Functions of each unit are as follow:
Market Promotion and Development Unit
This Unit conducts exploratory studies to identify new and niche markets and potential market segments while an assessment of the Malaysian furniture manufacturing and export industry is carried out as a pre-requisite to an effectual strategic planning. It also arranges for participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions and organisation of promotional, trade and technical missions to strategic furniture destinations all over the world for the industry's image enhancement purposes. Market Promotion efforts deal with market-related issues including market and industry analysis, marketing strategies and integrated marketing communications, image enhancement as well as market and corporate intelligence.
Design Unit
This Unit seeks to propagate awareness towards the creation of international furniture designs by Malaysian designers through design exchanges, work collaborations, and educational events such as seminars and workshops.
Information Services Unit
This Unit is responsible for the collection and dissemination of trade statistics and market information to the industry. It also handles MFPC's website, as well as Corporate Communications and Public Relations.
Policy Work Unit
This Unit collaborates with The Ministry of Plantation Industries & Commodities, and relevant agencies to resolve policy issues affecting the industry as well as formulating new policy to facilitate the growth of the industry.



The MFPC strives to fulfil its responsibility to bring the Malaysian furniture industry to a greater height. Working as a team and with concrete support from the government agencies such as the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as well as with the industry through the Malaysian Furniture Industry Council, the concerted efforts are set to ensure the industry's ongoing success in the years to come.