Friday 26 May, 2017

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Malaysia Furniture Industry
Why choose Malaysian Furniture?
Quality & durability
Malaysian furniture is moving ahead and making inroads into high fashion design and premium applications for today's discerning market, having become known for its durability due to the availability of high quality tropical hardwoods such as Meranti, Nyatoh and Ramin, technology, and the skilled labour necessary in making such products.
It's no surprise we are one of the top ten furniture exporters in the world.
Quality-driven explosive export growth
Malaysian furniture has grown from a cottage industry to a multibillion-ringgit industry in just two decades.
Strong government support
The Malaysian government, through the Ministry of Plantation Industry and Commodities and other relevant Ministries, recognises the important role of the furniture industry in the Malaysian economy and therefore strives to sustain the development of the industry.