Friday 26 May, 2017

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Malaysia Furniture Industry
Economic Strength
* Natural resources: oil, gas, tin, timber, palm oil, rubber
* Relatively high GDP growth
Supportive Government Policies
* Pro-business policies
* Responsive government
* Attractive tax and other incentives
* Intellectual property protection
Educated Workforce
* Young, educated, productive population
* Multilingual - speaking two to three languages, including English
* Comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training, including advanced skills
Developed Infrastructure
* Network of well-maintained highways and railways
* Well-equipped seaports and airports
* High quality telecommunications network and services
Vibrant Business Environment
* Market-oriented economy
* Well-developed financial and banking sector
* Wide usage of English language, especially in commerce
* Large local business community with long history in international business
* Large foreign business community
Introducing quality Malaysian furniture to you
With Malaysia's natural advantages and proven track record, you will find solutions in Malaysian furniture, whatever your furnishing needs may be. Contact MFPC so that we may provide you with all the connections and assistance you require to fulfil your furnishing requirements.