Saturday 27 May, 2017

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At AFIAH, we believe that the A brand will be the symbol for the world as a reflection of Malaysian Made high   quality office chairs for the world. Every corner of the world shall have the opportunity to sits on AFIAH…............AFIAH office chairs.

Our founder believes that there should be a Malaysian Brand and thus the name AFIAH was born in 1980.  The brand shall represent high quality Malaysian Made Office furniture at an affordable price. We started as a chair manufacturer before venture into manufacturing a complete range of office, hotel and educational furniture. We also outsource certain components in order to minimize cost and to produce more efficiently.

AFIAH stands for the following:

A - Aesthetic design
F - Furniture
I - International acceptance quality
A - Advanced technology in production
H - High quality products

Aesthetic Design

AFIAH office furniture is aesthetically design with you in mind. The products shall incorporate humanistic approach and ergonomic concept. The product shall be user friendly and with safety as the highest priority.  Ergonomics is an approach which puts human needs and capabilities at the focus of designing technological systems. The aim is to ensure that humans and technology work in complete harmony, with the equipment and tasks aligned to human characteristics. At AFIAH, the ergonomic concepts are the core basis in designing new products.


That is our core business. Our product ranges from clerical, executive, leather chair, executive table and workstation, hotel and educational furniture. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of office, hotel and educational furniture.

International Acceptance Quality

Our products are exported to more than 20 countries worldwide since 1985. We hope to establish our presence in the international market through our wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. You are assured of international acceptable quality when you owned AFIAH products.

Advanced technology in production

We employed the latest Computer Aided manufacturing technology to manufacture highest quality products at the lowest cost possible. Wastage is limited. Every AFIAH products shall represent highest quality products.

High quality products

That is our ultimate aim. All AFIAH products are tested in accordance to international acceptable tolerance level. We only used environmental friendly material in our production.

Our Vision

AFIAH shall be the international recognized brand of furniture from Malaysia. To achieve this, we aim to manufacture high quality products and marketed at an affordable price.

Our Goal

Every corner of the world shall have the opportunity to use AFIAH product.

AFIAH –Aesthetic design Furniture of International acceptance level using Advance technology producing High quality products

Contact Us
Address : No. 16, Jalan Cemur off Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
City : Kuala Lumpur
Zip code : 50400
Contact person : KK Wong (6012 3892733)
Phone number: 603 40426827
Fax number: 603 40426542
Email :

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