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If you are planning a trip and looking for a place to stay but not sure where to start, then HolidayMy is your most ideal avenue to do so. This is where you will find a full chain of booking facilities which will ensure that you have the most out of your holiday. Our offerings and services are accorded with the highest quality where you will be provided with the only place to find all you need in planning your trip to anywhere in the world.

Our customers are important to us. Hence, we strive to provide the best possible quality of service to our customers to ensure that they do not face any difficulties using our portal. We ensure that all you need to think of is where to go and how to enjoy yourself. This is because you can leave the rest to us.

At HolidayMy, we offer you with a full range of booking facilities where you are free to pick and choose how you want to travel and what you want to do. All you have to do is book with us at HolidayMy, register with us and then proceed to book your rooms at the lowest price. Once your bookings are confirmed, it will all be ready when you arrive.

Hotel Bookings and reservations

HolidayMy provides booking facilities to travellers who are looking for a place to stay, a way of getting around or just reservations in restaurants or all three. Here, you are free to choose from the thousands of hotels and accommodation choices which part of our nationwide network of partners. You can take your pick of the type of rooms you like to stay whether it is a 5 star hotel or a B&B styled room.

From there, you can then proceed to determine if you would like to get around on public transport or self-drive. HolidayMy also offer booking facilities for transportation where you can choose between the many types of vehicles and types that you would drive in. Most of our vehicles provide you with standard facilities like air-conditioning and such while you can also make special requests like GPS and even a driver to chauffer you around. Depending on which city you are visiting, our partners would offer a different set of facilities which will surely help you to get around easily.

If you have specific places or cuisine that you require for your meals, you can also make reservations at our network of restaurants and cafes. You will find that the most popular eating outlets around the country are always full and you can make your reservations through us to avoid disappointments when travelling here. Read the reviews of our members and you will be able to tell which outlets serve the best food. On top of that, you are also very much welcomed to offer your reviews and opinions about the food you have tried out in the eateries here for the benefit of other members.

Our Commitment

At HolidayMy, we are constantly working with our local network of partners to ensure that we provide you with the best services available. We are committed to keep the prices low and the convenience high. At HolidayMy, we offer our customers with the best place to start and plan your trips to Malaysia. With a network that span across the globe, we are always looking out for the best deals and then bringing them to you through HolidayMy. This will ensure that you need not have to explore further and face any inconvenience as you have everything at your fingertips.

Cuti Cuti Malaysia Campaign to attract more tourists to Malaysia will come with more concise and complete resources from now on. The site will take on a more holistic approach in providing real-time and updated information for all parties. This is part of the latest expansion exercise for which is aimed at being the preferred and more prominent Cuti Cuti Malaysia portal for Malaysia.
A Cuti Cuti guide will provide a complete segment which illustrates everything about travelling to Malaysia. There will be a holiday season guide that explains what the best times to travel to Malaysia are and what to expect of the weather. Visitors will find this segment extremely useful in planning their trips which will determine what clothes to bring, how to get there and what to see when they get there, among others.

Upon arriving at Malaysia, they can easily get around using the downloadable map provided. This will illustrate how to get from one place to another, manoeuvring through the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuantan and more. Apart from that, they can easily get to the major attractions like the Cameron Highlands online, Genting Highlands, Legoland and others.

This section will include where and who the best restaurants are which will be a great local experience for tourists. A Cuti Cuti Homestay guide can be used for those who like to enjoy the local lifestyle and stay with a local family during their trip there. Besides that, there will be information on taxi booking service operators and tips on travelling around Malaysia as well.

For visitors who are there for the great outdoors, there is a section on popular activities. This is where they will find important information like city sight seeing, forest expedition and camping. In Cameron Highlands, enjoying the nature and cool weather are among the most popular past times. Visitors and tourists can find out where they can register for these activities, what to bring, what to expect and how to get to these places.

The Cameron Highlands Attractions section will provide information about unique tourist experiences in Malaysia. Most visitors will usually head out towards the vegetables and flower farms and tea plantations. Apart from that, Cameron Highlands actually has several very unique places as well. This includes the likes of Galleria Time Tunnel, a memorabilia museum, the Cameron Mossy Forest which provides a truly rewarding time in the outdoor and the Night Market, a place for bargain hunting for local products and items.
The Community News Section is a platform for the local Malaysian and anyone who is interested in the current affairs of Malaysia. Here, community members can discuss the daily issues like water rationing, crime rate, policies, security and such. They can make their voices heard through the elected MP and voice their grievances if necessary.

There are Cuti Cuti Malaysia tips and new breakthroughs in farming methods here which can help farmers to grow and improve their agriculture activities. Road and weather conditions, environmental issues, updates and news are all provided in this segment as well.